Next Generation Carbon Black Production

Conventional carbon black production uses crude oil or coal tar in its process. Instead at Monolith, we have invented, developed and perfected process technology that converts pipeline-grade natural gas into carbon black and clean burning hydrogen. ?The result is a high-grade carbon black that is manufactured and produced in the U.S.

We have leveraged 40 years of combined research and development on this process and have initiated a carbon black revolution.

MINES ParisTech –?Monolith has partnered with Laurent Fulcheri’s group at the Centre for Processes, Renewable Energies and Energy Systems at Mines ParisTech PSL Research University, a leading university in France. Laurent?has spent the past 20 years researching and developing a plasma-based process for cracking hydrocarbons for the co-synthesis of carbon black and hydrogen. Laurent and his team actively participate in the analysis and design of Monolith’s next-generation carbon black and hydrogen process technology.

Aker Solutions –?Monolith has partnered with Aker Solutions (formerly Kvaerner), a global provider of products, systems and services to the oil and gas industry. From 1991 to 2003, Aker Solutions designed and built one pilot plant in Sweden and one industrial plant in Canada that electrically converted natural gas into carbon black and hydrogen. Monolith works closely with the original design team from those projects.

Making Everyday Products Cleaner

Monolith’s proprietary process is a low-emission, innovative technology that creates carbon black. We utilize natural gas instead of crude oil as a feedstock, making the process more efficient and significantly more environmentally-friendly than alternative methods of production.

The only co-product in our revolutionary process is plentiful hydrogen. This valuable hydrogen gas can be used in a number of processes, but most importantly, in generating clean power. The use of hydrogen for clean power generation led to our first-of-its-kind partnership with the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), Nebraska’s largest provider of electricity.

Read more about our?Nebraska Project.

Reducing Emissions

All figures in Kg equivalent per ton of carbon black produced.